What Is Trademark Renewal?

It is a process of renewing trademark registration before its expiration. Renewal has to be done every 10 years if you wish to continue with your trademark. One should preferably renew the trademark at least six months before its expiry.

Documents Required For Filing Trademark Renewal:

1. Copy of registration certificate
2. Power of attorney
3. Identity and address of the applicant
4. Copy of TM-12

Process Of Registration:

1. File the form called the TM-R before the expiry date of the trademark.
2. Keep checking the progress until your file is properly processed.
3. Details are re-entered into the trademark registry after the procession of the trademark.


The trademark will be expired and removed from the trademark journal if it is not renewed within the given time. Trademark restoration is possible if one forgets to renew their trademark.


Changes are permissible according to the rules detailed in the subordinate legislation, but the trademark applied for should not be altered in a way that is affecting the identity.

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