Trademark Registration, Objection And Rectification

Trademark Registration, Objection and Rectification

A trademark is any remarkable articulation identified with an item or administration that recognizes it from others.This articulation could be a word, motto, photo, logo, realistic, shading blend, sound or even smell; in any case,most organizations are searching for a brand name registration or logo registration.Proprietors of trademarks have selective rights to their utilization under the classifications they are enrolled in.

Registration Process ?

Getting a Trademark with our Streamlined Procedures is a Straightforward 3-Step Process :
Trademark Search

To begin with the trademark documenting, we complete an exhaustive Trademark look to check for prior trademark/word marks with a similar name. A free trademark look is imperative so as to not be engaged with trademark infringement inconveniences.

Application Drafting

After a free trademark open inquiry, if there is no prior mark with a similar name, we draft a Trademark application with subtleties given by you. The application along these lines framed will be sent to the trademark library for the check.

Documenting the Application

When the drafting your application is done, we forward it to the Trademark Registry for endorsement. The Registry gives an application number to status following, and if there are no protests, your trademark is enrolled in 18-20 months.
From the open pursuit of the trademark to application drafting, following the status of the trademark and until trademark is enlisted Taxlegit is with you at all times for your licensed innovation.

* The initial registration of a trademark shall be for a period of ten years but may be renewed from time to time for an unlimited period by payment of the renewal fees.


Trademarks might be a word or a blend of words, letters, and numerals. They may also comprise of illustrations, images, 3D signs, for example, shape or hues utilized as a distinctive element.

Indeed. A trademark is at first enlisted for a time of 10 years, determined from the date of documenting of the application. It tends to be restored at regular intervals by paying the asked charges.


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