What Are The Tax And Legal Regulations For Foreign Entities Doing Business In India?

A foreign company is allowed to open its offices in India as long as they meet certain criteria. Like any other company in the country, it is liable to taxes. However, the Government of India has recently simplified tax compliance for foreign agencies by combing the application for a Tax Account Number (TAN) and Permanent Account Number (PAN).

Documents Required For Applying:

1. PAN card, identity proof, incorporation certificate, and address proof
2. Certificates including birth and death certificate, papers of agreements, and many other documents for legal protection.
3. Documents certified by Indian consulate are essential.

What Is The Process Of Registration?

1. Submitting the required documents and filing applications
2. Submitting the required documents and filing applications
3. We will fill every form and advice you about all tax and legal compliance


You may face heavy fines and imprisonment starting at 3-6 months depending on the amount due.

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