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What is Startup India registration

Startup India Registration is a new scheme introduced by the Government of India. The Startup India Registration Scheme aims to encourage startups in the country and make it easier for them to get registered with relevant authorities. The aim of this scheme is also to provide startup investors with better information about startups that are operating in their region, so they can help entrepreneurs grow faster.

Eligibility Criteria for Startup India:

An article that covers the eligibility criteria of the startup india scheme.

A Registered Private Limited Company/LLP/Partnership Firm

The following forms of business organization must be registered:

– sole proprietorship
– partnership
– corporation
– limited liability company

Annual Turnover Limit

Annual Turnover should not exceed 100 crore in financial year.

Less than 10 years old

An entity shall not be more than 10 year old.

A new business entity must be created

  • Any entity with business model with high potential of wealth creation and employment.
  • An entity should not be formed by splitting or reconstruction.







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