Startup India Registration in Noida

With the Startup India Certificate, you will receive exceptional benefits and exemptions.

Every startup company with innovative and unique business ideas is eligible to apply for the DPIIT Startup India Certificate.

The Startup India Scheme is a government of India initiative aimed at encouraging the development and innovation of products and services, as well as the creation of job opportunities across the country. The Startup India certificate is required for anyone who is starting a business in any field. This certification includes intellectual property rights such as trademark registration, patent registration, and copyright registration.


  • Tax exemption
  • Self-Certification
  • Patents
  • Funding benefits
  • Easy winding up

Documents required for Startup India Registration in Noida

  • Company PAN Card
  • Aadhar card of directors and other personal information
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Partnership Registration
  • Brief Write about how the company is achieving the following goals: creation of wealth, employment, and innovation
  • Website or business profile deck (any one)

Frequently Asked Questions?

Startup India is a programme launched by the Indian government in 2015 that recognizes and considers new organizations to be startups.

A letter of support is a document that must be submitted along with the Startup-India Registration form if you want to take advantage of the tax exemption.

  • Private Limited Company/LLP/Partnership Firm
  • For a period of no more than ten years, you must be registered.
  • The company's annual revenue does not exceed Rs. 100 crores.
  • Company is providing innovative products or services OR 
  • Company has a business model with a high potential for job creation OR
  • Company has a business model with a high potential for wealth creation

An entity ceases to be a Startup after ten years from the date of incorporation/registration, or if its previous year's turnover exceeds one hundred crore rupees.