What Is Patent Registration?

Provisional Patent Registration is a preliminary step taken before filing a regular patent. It is obtained for interim protection. One can file for this without any formal patent claims. It is an inexpensive way for investors to protect their interventions temporarily until they go for a formal patent.

What Are The Documents Required?

1. Form 1 for application for grant of patent
2. Form 2 for provisional specifications
3. Form 5 for declaration of inventorship
4. Form 26 for the power of attorney
5. E-filing fees for a patent statutory fee
6. Form 3 for corresponding foreign patent application statement and undertakings
7 Priority Document for convention application if the priority date is claimed
8. Illustrations or Drawings of the invention

Why Should People File A Provisional Patent?

1. Earlier Patent Filing Date
2. Cost-Effective
3. Efficient time to develop a patent further based on research
4. ‘Patent Applied Tag’
5. Scope to Abandon a patent by checking the viability
6. Secrecy


A provisional patent may be filed even when the idea is in the stage of the invention and not mature completely. In the case of a proper patent, there is no scope for further development as it will require detailed claims.

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