What Is Patent Registration?

Patent registration is the process of obtaining a patent for work or invention to protect the intellectual property of an individual. A patent gives the patentee the power to control the use, manufacture, distribution of his or her invention.

Documents Required For Applying:

1. Digital Signature of Applicant
2. Authority letter for the patent attorney
3. The patent questionnaire
4. A signed copy of Patent Specifications
5. Declaration of Inventorship signed by the Inventor
6. Prior art documents for international applications

What Is The Process Of Registration?

1. Check if your invention is patentable.
2. Write down your concept/idea in detail.
3. File the patent in India with provisional/complete specification.
4. The patent office publishes the patent on examination.


A person found misusing an idea is liable for a penalty.

Mandatory Registration

If the Association has more than 100 persons.

Patents are granted for technical inventions.
Patent protection lasts for 20 years.
No, patents are valid only in the country applied in.

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