What Is P2P Lending License?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) is the practice of loaning money to an individual or a business through direct online transactions, removing any middlemen and making it profitable to involved parties. P2P lending license India is regulated by RBI to protect the borrowers from unfair interest rates.

Documents Required For Applying:

1. Financial fitness documents and reports
2. A net worth of Rs.2 crore.
3. Valid PAN and an Indian bank account

What Is The Process Of Registration?

1. Application for the certificate of registration
2. Submitting a hardcopy of required documents to the regional office of RBI
3. Follow-up with RBI after obtaining peer to peer lending license India
4. Setting up a P2P business model
5. Legal advisory


A lender can start from a minimum amount of Rs. 750 per loan. Since borrowers register for a period between 6 and 36, the lender can choose a borrower depending on suitable loan duration.
A lender can expect returns ranging from 12 to 28% depending on the investment spread.

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