What Are NSDL And CDSL?

The Central Depository Services India Ltd (CDSL) and the National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) are depositories that are used for safekeeping securities instead of money. They store securities either in un-certificated (dematerialized) or certified form.

Documents Required For Dematerialization

1. PAN card
2. Photo proof (for individuals) or authorized signatory( for companies)
3.  Income Tax returns
4. Identity and residence proof

Process Of Opening A Demat Account

1. Request to change physical shares into electronic form by opening a Demat account
2. Filing dematerialization request form
3. Providing share certificates to the DP (Depository Participant) is necessary
4. Once the dematerialization of shares is completed, destroying the physical share certificates is mandatory


Regulated by the Indian Government, NSDL and CDSL offer the same services. An investor need not worry about which depository secures his or her shares.
No. Only a DP registered with Exchange Board of India can open a Demat account.
No, both charge all DPs uniformly.

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