NGO-12A/80G Registration

NGO-12A/80G Registration

NGO Registration is a significant process for every NGO since registration helps in giving a notable identity, credibility as well as the prominence across the world. There exist a good number of benefits of NGO Registration which include attaining exemplary financial assistance from the Governmental agencies, tax exemptions as well as getting training opportunities for your NGO.

Documents Required For NGO Registration?

Following are some of the documents that must be submitted in order to get your NGO registered. Here they are:

1. Registered Office Address Proof
2. Identity proof (Aadhar Card/Voter ID etc)
3. Residence Proof
4. Existence of at least two shareholders
5. Passport
6. Documents showing ownership
7. Income Tax PAN

How To Get An NGO Registered?

Just in case you are striving to get your NGO registered, there exists a need for you to follow some steps. Here they are:

Step 1: You can either use the existing name and logo of your NGO or you can also try out new name and logo.
Step 2: Think upon the type of organization you are going to get registered.
Step 3: Note down the objectives and mission of your organization. Also, list varied programs you will undertake in the future.
Step 4: Formulate the Letter of Recommendation highlighting the integrity as well as positive impact of your NGO.
Step 5: Prepare a report showcasing the funds and finances of your organization demonstrating your non-profit status.
Step 6: Attach a valid proof that your organization has been approved by the organization’s board of directors for NGO status.
Step 7: Browse the Internet for the bodies which are indulged in providing NGO registration.
Step 8: Applying for your NGO Registration via an Online source would be a better option.
Step 9: If you are not able to get an Online application source, then you shall go in person for applying for an NGO Registration.
Step 10: Pay the required fees that has been notified for registration of your NGO.
Step 11: Wait for the approval of your NGO Registration Approval for about two to three weeks.
Step 12: Once your NGO is organized apply for the tax-exempt status of your organization.
Step 13: Apply for enjoying the varied benefits that every Registered NGO will be leaning towards

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