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What is a Matrimonial Dispute?

Matrimonial dispute refers to the extreme conflicts and disagreements in a marriage. It may also involve the violation of legal rights and laws, resulting in severe instability in the relationship. Domestic abuse of any kind is also included in matrimonial disputes IPC laws.

Documents required:

  • Address proof of husband and wife
  • Details of the petitioner’s profession with present remuneration
  • Income tax statements for the last 2-3 years
  • Detailed information about the family background of the petitioner
  • Details of the assets owned by the petitioner
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Evidence to demonstrate failed attempts of reconciliation
  • Evidence of cruel behavior and physical abuse
  • Evidence to prove an adulterous relationship
  • Evidence to show non-mutual desertion

Process of Registration

  • Petition to file for divorce

  • Appearing before court and inspection of the petition

  • Passing orders for recording statements on oath

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The right to receive and claim alimony varies between personal laws. Under the Hindu Marriage Act, both husband and wife are entitled to claim alimony. While under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, only wives are subjected to alimony. In case of a contested divorce, the alimony issue is extended to court. This is one way to establish marital disputes and settlement.