What Is Litigation Support In Merger Approval?

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has set up certain rules and guidelines that must be met for the merger of companies. The terms of the merger should be satisfactory to all parties involved before it gets approved by the court.Valuation and litigation support can aid you with proper legal counsel.

Documents Required For Applying:

1. A certified true copy of the resolution passed by the Board of Directors of the Company
2. Certified copy of the Scheme of Arrangement/Amalgamation
3. A brief history of the companies seeking approval
4. The rationale of the proposed Scheme of Arrangement/Amalgamation

What Is The Process Of Registration?

1. Board of Directors calling a meeting of the shareholders for the merger proposal
2. The shareholders’ meeting passing the resolution of the merger proposal
3. Resolving any opposition within 60 days
4. Getting approval from the court and other concerned authorities


The Central government, Income Tax Authorities, Reserve Bank of India and SEBI are among the few authorities you must seek approval from.

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