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LLP Registration in India

This is the official web portal of limited liability partnership. It allows you to register your limited liability partnership with the limited liability partnership department, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Govt. Of india at a nominal fee and provides all type services for incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) as well as other required compliances like business registration and company formation etc..

LLP registration one of the important tasks that need to be completed by an individual. It is a legal structure which provides several benefits like no partnership tax, inheritance tax and other types of taxes. If you are planning to set up your own business or want to establish your company as an LLP, then it would be better if you do this at the earliest so that there will not be any delay in starting operations.

Advantages of LLP registration

Easy to Form

LLP Registration process is very easy to comply as compared to companies as LLP registration doesn’t involves much formality.

Perpetual Succession

An Incorporated LLP has a perpetual succession, the members may come and leave but the LLP goes forever.

Separate Property

A LLP as legal entity is capable of owning its funds and other properties. The LLP is the real person in which all the property is vested and by which it is controlled, managed and disposed off. The property of LLP is not the property of its partners. Therefore partners cannot make any claim on the property in case of any dispute among themselves

Easy Transfer of Ownership

It is easy to transfer ownership of LLP as a person can easily become partner and leave a LLP as per the LLP agreement.

Body Corporate

Just like a Company, LLP is also body corporate, which means it has its own existence as compared to partnership. LLP and its Partners are distinct entity in the eyes of law. LLP will know by its own name and not the name of its partners.

Limited Liability

Members of LLP are liable only to the extent of of capital contribution as per the LLP registration agreement. It is best suited for small and new businesses to setup LLP so that their personal assets are secured in case of loss or insolvency.


LLP are taxed at a lower rate as compared to Company. Moreover, LLP are also not subject to Dividend Distribution Tax as compared to company, so there will not be any tax while you distribute profit to your partners.

Raising Money

Financing a small business like sole proprietorship or partnership can be difficult at times. A LLP being a regulated entity like company can attract finance from PE Investors, financial institutions etc.

Documents Required for LLP Registration

PAN Card

PAN Card of directors/shareholders.

Director’s Proof Of Address

Latest Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/Bank Statement of directors.


Passport size photograph of directors/shareholders.

Identity Proof

Valid Aadhaar/VoterID/Passport of directors/shareholder

Address Proof Of The Company

Rent Agreement/NOC of the registered office

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