What Do You Mean By Income Tax Notice Reply Support?

TDS is a source through which the Government of India implements a tax on the source of income of an individual or organization.It is important to note that different income tax notices signify different things. Accordingly, Taxlegit can help you reply and take the corresponding action.

Five types of income tax notice you may receive and response deadline:
131(1A): It means that you are thought to have income that you have concealed.
: A deadline would be mentioned in the notice.

139(9): The wrong file has been filed or there are mistakes in your filing.
: You must respond within 15 days.

143(1): This is a notice demanding an additional tax that may arise due to calculation errors.
: You need to respond within 30 days.

148: This is a notice for reassessment if some income has not been assessed.
: File your returns immediately or a case of up to 6 years may be opened.

156: It is a notice demanding for due tax, interest, fine or penalty to be paid.
: You must pay your dues within 30 days.


You may face heavy fines and imprisonment starting at 3-6 months depending on the amount due.

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