Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company

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The Companies Act 2013 governs private limited company registration in India. A Private Limited Company is a privately maintained small business existence, which is one of the highly recommended means to start a business in India. Pvt Ltd Company Registration is highly preferred by startups. A private limited company has continuous existence. A private limited company holds on existing even in the case of death or bankruptcy of its Members.

A private limited company does not have any relationship with the public; they aren’t permitted to ask for any collateral from the public or public sectors. In a private limited company, people are not entitled to transfer shares, which protect takeovers of private limited companies from big enterprises.

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  • DIN & DSC of Two Directors
  • Drafting MOA & AOA
  • Registration Fees & Stamp Duty
  • Company Incorporation Certificate
  • Company-PAN TAN
No, you’ll no longer want to be physically present in any respect. As you know all documents are filed electronically so you would not be physically present during the process.
Yes, a minimum of 2 directors is needed to form a private limited company.
To form a Pvt.Ltd Company the minimum capital required INR 1 lakh rs.
  • Taxlegit can form a Private Limited Company in 14-15 days.
  • ➢ It all depends on the applicant if the applicant provides all the required documents at the same time and the speed of approvals to form a government.
Yes, the Pvt.Ltd Company can be registered at the owner’s home address.
  • DSC stands for the digital signature certificate
  • This certificate is provided in the form of a token
  • This token is issued under the certified authorities
  • The directors require DSC to fill the form of DIN application
  • DIN stands for Director Identification Number
  • It is a unique number that is given by the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs to those whose individual name applications are made.
A person who is above 18 years of age can become the director in the company after obtaining Director Identification Number(DIN).
Accordingly, the non-public confined corporation tax price has been constant at 25% and 30%. Private constrained enterprises with a total turnover of up to Rs. 50 crores at some point of the preceding 12 months are taxed at 25% of total income.

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