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What is will Preparation And Registration?

A Will is a legal document of rights that is prepared by an individual. Will preparation and registration decides the transfer of self-owned assets after the death of the individual.

Documents required:

  • The name and address of the applicant of the will.
  • The details regarding all the assets of the applicant
  • The presence of two eyewitnesses to sign the papers.
  • The name and relevant position of the executor of the will

Process of Registration

  • Preparation of legal documents required for the registration.

  • The related documents are to be given at the sub registrar's office.

  • A stipulated amount has to be given as the cost of stamp duty.
  • The presence of two individuals as a witness for the registration is required.

  • After the document verification is complete, the documents are sealed in an envelope.

  • The will is given to the individual, and a copy is kept at the sub-registrar office.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is possible to revise or amend an existing will. It needs to be written up again and attested by a testator. The presence of two witnesses for this is event is also a requirement.