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What is the Society Registration?

A society is a composed gathering of people whose fundamental objective is to serve society and not to procure a benefit. A society is enrolled under The Societies Registration Act, 1860 to turn into a legal entity. The Governing body individuals are responsible for the administration of the society. Get your Society Registration done through Taxlegit anywhere in India.

What is Included In Our Society Registration Package?

  • Society Registration Certificate
  • Memorandum of Association and Rules and Guidelines
  • Affidavit With Respect to Ownership
  • Affidavit for Desirous Individual not Identified With one Another
  • PAN Card
  • GST Number
  • Tan Number for TDS Deduction
  • 1 Month Free Consultancy

Procedure For Society Registration

1. Complete our Simple Form:

You are required to fill the subtleties in our straightforward online survey and present the documents.

2. Select State or National Registration:

In the wake of presenting your documents, we will enable you to choose what registration you ought to have.

3. Documents:

We will make all the required documents and record them with locale SDM for your benefit.

4. Your work is now finished:

When your society registration is finished, we will send your MOA through courier.

Documents Required For Society Registration

  • Affidavit No. 1 with respect to proprietorship and NOC for the enlisted office of the society ( Draft will be provided by Taxlegit )
  • Affidavit No. 2 with respect to people not identified with one another and the name of the society ( Draft will be provided by Taxlegit )
  • ID Proofs of the individuals
  • Address Proof of individuals
  • Electricity/Water bill (Business Place)
  • Rent Agreement
  • Landlord NOC (Format will be given)

Why Society Registration?

12A, 80G benefit for registered society.

Best if there is a common objective and mutual cooperation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, social orders are shaped to serve society and not to win benefits.
  • District Registrar of the concerned District is designated and has the ability to register the Society.
  • Minimum 7 people who are over 18 years old can shape society or an affiliation. There is no maximum number for people who want to be members.
  • Arts, writing, educational, social, philanthropy, and religious
  • Fine Arts, makes
  • Knowledge of business and industry
  • Promotion of logical temper in society
  • Political instruction and preparing
  • Sports (barring rounds of shot)
  • Diffusion of any learning or any open reason,
  • Collection/safeguarding of recorded landmarks, specialized and philosophical research.
  • Area Registrar and Registrar of Societies is the able expert to enroll.
  • Points and destinations are for the advancement/welfare of the whole society without confinement. Somewhere around 7 people are required to frame a Society.
    Trust deed can be enlisted in Office of the Sub Registrar. There are two sorts of Trusts Public and Private. The last is a private trust for the recipients.
  • Anyone can frame Trust without the confinement of various people.
  • An official leading group of trustees runs it. Overseeing trustee runs it.
  • Minimum 2 members are required instead of 7 in a society.
  • The name ought not to be Similar to one successfully existing in the District.
  • Indeed, since records of the Society are viewed as open records, any individual can get a copy duplicate of it and make a proof.