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What is Patent Registration?

Patent registration is the process of obtaining a patent for work or invention to protect the intellectual property of an individual. A patent gives the patentee the power to control the use, manufacture, distribution of his or her invention.

Documents required for applying:

  • Digital Signature of Applicant
  • Authority letter for the patent attorney
  • The patent questionnaire
  • A signed copy of Patent Specifications
  • Declaration of Inventorship signed by the Inventor
  • Prior art documents for international applications

What is the process of registration?

  • Check if your invention is patentable.
  • Write down your concept/idea in detail.
  • File the patent in India with provisional/complete specification.
  • The patent office publishes the patent on examination.


A person found misusing an idea is liable for a penalty.

Mandatory Registration

If the Association has more than 100 persons.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Patents are granted for technical inventions.
  • Patent protection lasts for 20 years.
  • No, patents are valid only in the country applied in.