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What do insolvency resolution professional services mean?

We offer a complete gamut of insolvency recovery solutions starting from making the application till the closure of insolvency/liquidation process. We aim to provide the right support for Corporate and Individual insolvency and bankruptcy procedures and provide sustenance for creditors/debtors in areas of business.

Documents required for applying:

    Before filing the application form,
  • Report of default that shows failure of payment of a debt
  • A resolution by the shareholders approving the application

What is the process of registration?

  • Application To The NCLT
  • Appointment of Interim insolvency Resolution Professional
  • Verification and analysis of claims
  • Appointment of the resolution professional
  • Acceptance of the Resolution Plan for insolvency and financial recovery.

Accounts and secretarial team

  • Internal Audit, due diligience
  • Supervise Accounts and Function of the corporate debtor
  • Forensic Audit
  • Maintain Accounts for IRP or Committee of Creditors ( COC )
  • Draft minutes of meeting, secretarial records

Legal Team

  • Preparation and filing of applications with NCLT and courts.
  • Draft Progress report
  • Read and draft notices, replies and other documents
  • In house support as Legal team
  • Appoint counsels to appear before NCLT, Courts.

Front End Team

  • Making an inventory of the assets of business
  • Security Guard appointment to takeover the control of the corporate debtor
  • To supervise the operations of Corporate Debtor to keep it as a going concern.

Process Team

  • Communicate with stakeholders such as Committee of Creditor’s membersabout the commencement of CIRP, coordinating for litigation.
  • To appoint professionals such as Registered Valuers ,industry expert, process consultant etc. to get their fee approved from Committee of Creditors.
  • Panel of advocates, industry experts, auditors, forensic auditors, registered valuers, media agencies, security service providers, etc.
  • To convene the Committee of Creditors meetings and to act as a bridge between Committee of Creditors and the Insolvency Professional.

Other Services

  • Asset bidding and detail preparation which assist in asset sale process
  • Valuation Team for every class
  • IT team for maintenance of hardware and software

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A resolution plan offering insolvency recovery solutions for the restructuring of the corporate must be approved within 180 days from the commencement of CIRP by creditors.